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These did exactly what I needed them to do. Electricity only flows in one direction. Perfect.

Ali*****tesMay 22, 2023

Worked good to turn my AC welder into a DC welder.

Eloi*****anfordMay 26, 2023

The specs range is wide for a selection and the customer service is great.

Katal*****ischerMay 25, 2023

Good seller, incredible reliable.Item as described. Very professional

Orla*****MoreMay 22, 2023

Works as expected. Fits good in circuit board, not lose or slipping around.

Cha*****KandaMay 26, 2023

Perfectly satisfied with item. Top supplier on my list.

Just*****WallerMay 29, 2023

Those components that were in stock shipped fast and arrived promptly.

Lis*****oleMay 24, 2023

Very Quick,no problems - Thank you.

Gian***** ShethMay 27, 2023

All of the components worked, and are still working. So even though the price is amazingly low, the diodes really do work!

Cris***** BooneMay 27, 2023